“Come, let us praise the Lord; in Him is all our delight.”

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I am presently writing this letter on Memorial Day weekend.  Isn’t this such a beautiful time of year?  I’ve always imagined that this time of year is what the Garden of Eden must have been like.  There is is so much life happening all around us; the trees and flowers blooming and the the birds laying their eggs.  I had the wonderful gift this year of being able to observe a robin building her nest, laying four blue eggs and caring for her chicks in a nest right outside our work room door.  She couldn’t have chosen a busier spot to nest.  People going in and out constantly, passing her by only a foot away from her nest.  Most people too busy to notice, the robin so determined to care for her fledglings. Observing new life being born all around us is proof that God exists and is still active in our world.  New life is proof that God loves us for why else would He continue to create life? God is awesome!

Chapter three of Amoris Letitia (The Joy of Love) is a short chapter yet full of beautiful Catholic teaching on Marriage and Family.  It’s more of a Theology of Marriage.  Our Holy Father quotes John Paul II from Familiaris Consortio pg 94:

“ The sacrament of marriage is not a social convention, an empty ritual or merely the outward sign of a commitment.”   Jesus raised marriage to the sacramental sign of His love for the church.  The Sacrament of marriage is a gift given for the sanctification and salvation of the spouses, sinces “their mutual belonging is a real representation, through the sacramental sign, of the same relationship between Christ and the Church.  The married couple are therefore a permanent reminder for the Church of what took place on the cross; they are for one another and for their children witnesses of the salvation in which they share through the sacrament.”

Marriage, says Pope Francis, “is a vocation inasmuch as it is a response to a specific call to experience conjugal love as an imperfect sign of the love between Christ and the Church.”  He says, “The decision to marry and to have a family ought to be the fruit of a process of vocational discernment.”  (Paragraph 72)  “Through His Church, Christ bestows on marriage and the family the grace necessary to bear witness to the love of God and to live the life of communion.”      

(Paragraph 63)

In Chapter Three, Pope Francis quotes many of the beautiful church teachings from Lumen Gentium, Humanae Vitae, Gaudium et Spes, The Catechism of the Catholic Church, Canon Law and others.  What he is saying is that church teaching on marriage is not changing. “He” the Pope is not changing the teachings as the Media reports.  He backs up everything he says with previous church documents.


In speaking to the faithful living in irregular situations such as cohabitation, civil marriage, divorce and remarried He says; The church turns with love to those who participate in her life in an imperfect manner:  she seeks the grace of conversion for them; she encourages them to do good, to take loving care of each other and to serve the community in which they live and work.” “ When a couple in an irregular union attains a noteworthy stability through a public bond,- and is characterized by deep affection, responsibility towards the children and the ability to overcome trials - this can be seen as an opportunity, where possible, to lead them to celebrate the sacrament of marriage. (Paragraph 79)

Pope Francis also confirms again the church’s teachings on contraception, abortion, and the education of children.

“The conjugal union is ordered to procreation “by its very nature.”  Hence no genital act of husband and wife can refuse this meaning.” (paragraph 80)

“No alleged right to one’s own body can justify a decision to terminate that life, which is an end in itself and which can never be considered the “property” of another human being. (paragraph 83)

“The education of children is a “most serious duty” and at the same time a “primary right” of parents.” (paragraph 84)

Imitating the Holy Family of Nazareth, the human family becomes “the domestic church”.  “In virtue of the sacrament of marriage, every family becomes, in effect, a good for the church. The church is good for the family and the family is good for the church. Safeguarding the sacrament of matrimony is a concern for the entire Christian community.” (paragraph 87)

Congratulations and God Bless our new CFR priests: Fr. Antonio, Fr. Dismas, Fr. Innocent, Fr. Bernardino, Fr. Xavier and the nine other men men ordained at St. Patrick’s Cathedral of the NY Diocese on May 29th.  Thank you for answering the call!

Congratulations and God Bless our four CFR  Sisters: Sr. John Paul, Sr. Chiara, Sr. Guadalupe, Sr. Kelly Francis for their profession of final vows on June 6th. Thank you for answering the call.

I am sure everyone is looking forward to the “lazy, hazy days of summer” Charlie and I will be officially retired from our florist business and looking forward to whatever God has planned for us. Don’t worry about Friar Suppliers; we will continue for as long as God wills.

Please continue to pray for Eileen Garbe.  Chemo has been rough and although she is now finished her course, she has radiation to go for.  

Since summer is a slower pace for all, please don’t forget Friar Suppliers.  We still need our helpers on packing day. We need your donations for food for the CFR’s and Haiti.  Sometimes people forget when they are on vacation in the summer.  We are very grateful for all you do to help Friar Suppliers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Enjoy your summer God bless you all!