June Newsletter - Better late than never!

posted Jun 14, 2017, 12:25 PM by Colleen Moran

“May the body and blood of Christ bring us to everlasting life.”


I love June!  It’s the most beautiful time of year. Besides weddings, graduations, and dance recitals, we as Catholics celebrate the beautiful feasts of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Corpus Christi.  In the year 1952, I was born on Corpus Christi which is a movable feast that depends on when Easter falls.  I feel a special devotion to the Eucharistic feast of Corpus Christi because of my birthday..


The feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is what I would call an earlier devotion to the Divine Mercy.  Both feasts honor the heart of Jesus. In April we celebrated the Feast of Divine Mercy one week after Easter.  We had a beautiful day of grace for everyone who attended the devotion in Centereach.  I was unable to attend this year because we Baptized our grandson on Divine Mercy Sunday.  Bill and Eileen Keck and Connell and Laura Friel pulled it all together and kept great notes of Fr. Juniper’s sermon.  I would like to share the sermon notes with all of you since many of you are too far away to attend.  Fr. Juniper began with a story…...


“An Eagle was captured and placed in captivity with other eagles.  Suddenly, he found that his world shrunk.  The other eagles always remained solemn and discouraged.  The eagles were depressed because of their imprisonment.  One day,, there was a terrible storm which tore a hole in their prison cage.  The one eagle had a chance to escape to freedom.  He was so excited to find he had the opportunity to be free again.  He called the other eagles to fly out with him.  Sadly none of them would leave with him.   They had grown so use to their imprisonment that they were afraid to go free.  Sadly, they remained behind in their captivity while only the one eagle had the courage to fly away to freedom.”


Fr. Juniper went on to tell those present that; “ we need not get use to the imprisonment of sin.  We should look into the face of Jesus, “our homeland” look to the freedom that was created for us.  We no longer need to be abandoned in the dark cage of imprisonment of sin.  Father Juniper encourages;  choose the freedom of God’s hidden merciful gaze that calls us home to His undying home.  Begin with the unfathomable fount of Mercy.  The priest imparts and receives Jesus in the penitent who comes with his anguish and sorrow.  The priest encourages the sinner to release himself of the chains of darkness and sin to his homeland (heaven). Every priest awaits the penitent who waits at the gate for the mercy of God.  All the angels rejoice for even the one who comes.  We are irreplaceable; never, ever to be forgotten, always passionately sought after.  Even that one last sheep is ever so important to our Lord Jesus.  The Father is delighted; for He never stops thinking of or loving us no matter how far away we feel from Him.  He is all the more, deeply, closely, lovingly awaiting us.”


Fr Juniper then reflected briefly on the Upper Room and the thoughts of the Apostles after Jesus’ crucifixion. He spoke of the their regrets and Peter’s denial. “ But then Jesus becomes present to them with his wounds that now glow with light and simply breathes the gift of the Holy spirit with forgiveness and the power of the Holy Spirit.  The confessional is like the Upper Room;  the door to freedom to live and to be who we are meant to be in the heart of Jesus.”


“When Jesus said, “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me.”  He did receive an answer indeed…...It came perhaps from the penitent thief who said “ Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom.”  Truly, this was the affirmation Jesus needed to hear at this time;  He was going to the kingdom of His Father.  The penitent and priest, going back and forth receives the grace of God as Jesus did from the thief, the thief from Jesus;  a sacred exchange that is intimately connected.  Every act of remembrance is a gift to Jesus.”


“Healing is given to us as healing and is at the same time given to the whole world.  Satan trembles every time we kneel in confession because Satan’s defeat is manifested.  Christ’s victory is ever present within us waiting for us to change our ways.  The door to confession is our door to freedom.  So go in peace, forgiveness has saved you.  The time has come.  Change your ways.  The kingdom awaits you.”  Sermon by:  Fr. Juniper CFR


This was such a beautiful sermon. Thank you Fr. Juniper


We’ve done a lot of renovations in our home since we retired last June.  We’ve created a lot more room for Friars, Sisters and Friar suppliers on packing day.  We will be testing it out on Saturday.  There should be far fewer traffic jams now.  We will take some pictures this week and put them up on our website for all of you to see.  All I can say is it’s a good thing we didn’t sell the florist and move. We never would have found a place as suitable as this for Friar Suppliers.  So now we can continue for as long as God continues to give us life.  Thank you everyone who helps us each month for our “Friar food packing party”.


Our CRF Sisters want you all to know that they offered Masses and prayers for all your intentions when they visited the “Blessed Solonus Casey Shrine” in Michigan and “Our Lady of Good Help Shrine” in Wisconsin during April.  In fact, Fr. Benedict Groeschel met Fr. Solonus  when was a young Friar.  He is on track for sainthood.  He died in 1957.  Also, google “Our Lady of Good Help” in Wisconsin.  It’s the only approved apparition site in the USA.  Its an extraordinary Marian apparition that took place right here in America in 1859. Pay close attention to the many miracles that took place there, especially during the worst fire storm in the history of America which took place Oct 8, 1871. You will be amazed!


Please do not send us books or pamphlets.  The Friars and Sisters have too much already and the people in Haiti speak Creole, not English. Sorry!


Thank you again for all you do for Friar Suppliers.  We could never be able to do this work without you. June 1-10 we will be in Haiti.  It’s a small mission trip compared to our January Mission.  Charlie will tell you all about it.  Please pray for us and we’ll pray for you.