O Let the Saints Come Marching In

posted Nov 2, 2016, 1:18 PM by Friar Suppliers   [ updated Nov 2, 2016, 1:18 PM ]

Hello Friars, Sisters and Friar Suppliers!  Aren’t we all Saints under construction? Absolutely.

With just a few days until Election Day We pray that all the “saints” will come marching into vote. We encourage everyone to get out there and vote with a well formed Catholic conscience.  Our future depends on it!

Are you striving to be a Saint?  Did you know that all of us have the capacity to become great saints? We don’t have to be canonized and turned into relics to become a saint.  St. Therese of Liseaux found her “little way.”  We can find our way also. God has a destiny planned for each of us.  We each have a quest or mission to accomplish.  St. Therese tells us we must do three things:  (1) recognize our darkness in our littleness, i.e., acknowledge our nothingness compared to God.  (2) Keep trying to grow in holiness, and (3) keep trusting in His mercy.  

We are up to Chapter seven of nine chapters of “Amoris Letitia” by Pope Francis.  Chapter seven is titled “Towards a Better Education of Children.”  For conscientious parents, this chapter will affirm them in their efforts. It will also greatly help those who are in ministry to families, especially those families who struggle with the many difficulties that can come along in family life.

Pope Francis says the following immediately in the second paragraph:  “ Parents need to consider what they want their children to be exposed to; who is providing their entertainment, who is entering their rooms through television and electronic devices, and with whom they are spending their free time.” ( para 260, pg 197)  “In any event, we cannot ignore the risks that these new forms of communication pose for the children and adolescents; at times they can foster apathy and disconnect from the real world.” (para 278, pg 209) Parents have to help prepare children and adolescents to confront risks, for example, of aggression, abuse or drug addiction. (Para 260,pg 198) Some television programs or forms of advertising often negatively influence and undercuts the values inculcated in family life. (para 274,pg 206)

“The real question we should be asking ourselves is where our children stand in terms of their convictions, goals, desires and dreams.  Do we know where their soul is?  Although most parents rely on schools to ensure the basic instruction of their children, they can never completely delegate the moral formation of their children to others.”  (Para 263, pg 199)

“Parents are responsible for shaping the will of their childre, fostering good habits and a natural inclination to goodness.”  ((para 264, pg 200)

“A good ethical education includes showing a person that it is in his own interest to do what is right.” “Good habits need to be developed, practiced and reinforced. Without strengthening of the will and repetition of specific actions, moral education does not take place. (para 265-66, pg 201)

“Children who are lovingly corrected feel cared for.”  “Children need to to learn that misbehavior has consequences; to ask for forgiveness and repair for harm done; and to not get carried away by anger.”  “They should be taught to postpone some things until the right moment, so that they learn self-mastery and detachment from their impulses.” (para 268, 269. Pg 203)

“A sexual education that fosters a healthy sense of modesty has immense value.”  “The important thing is to teach tem sensitivity to differents expressions of love, mutual concern and care, loving respect and deeply moving communication.”  (para 282, 283. Pg 212-213)

Finally, at the end of the chapter Pope Francis addresses Passing on the faith.  He says, “ the home must continue to be the place where we learn to appreciate the meaning and beauty of the faith, to pray and to serve our neighbor.” (para 287, pg 216)  And most importantly,  “Family catechesis is of great assistance as an effective method in training young parents to be aware of their mission as evangelizers of their own family.” (para 287, pg 217)  “Moments of family prayer and acts of devotion can be more powerful for evangelization than any catechism class or sermon.” (para 288, pg 218)

I end my review of Chapter seven with this last quote from Pope Francis:  “Children who grew up in missionary families often become missionaries themselves; growing up in warm and friendly families, they learn to relate to the world in this way, without giving up their faith or their convictions.”  Thank you Pope Francis for guiding words on the education of children.

We send out a big thank you to an anonymous donor who donated a refrigerator to St. Joseph’s Friary.  They were in desperate need of one.  The frig they had held at 55 degrees. Yipes!   

The picnic in September was probably on of the best picnics we ever had;  great crowd, delicious food, fantastic entertainment.  I still have a lot of lost and found items accumulated here:  A large aluminum tray that held a beautiful fruit assortment,  a pyrex dish belonging to the Scarpa family, a pretty basket, a few plastic containers and one white ladies jacket with navy trim.  Please claim what is yours or Charlie will ship it to Haiti!!!

We are looking for a VOLUNTEER who can help us with social media to spread Friar Suppliers and our Haiti mission work.  We can’t pay you but we promise you time out of purgatory!!  Call Charlie if you can help:  631-682-4298

You have all received our Haiti DVD by now featuring last January’s mission trip.  We are now fundraising again for the next trip in January 2017.  Please watch the DVD and share it with your family and friends.

Our food packing day went well in September and October.  Would you believe all our volunteers showed up and did a fine job without Charlie and I being here.  Thank you everyone for carrying on without us when we couldn’t be here. In September we went to The Family Conference at EWTN in Alabama.  In October, we babysit our granddaughter in Delaware so our son and daughter-in-law could attend a wedding.  It’s so nice to know that Friar Suppliers can continue when we are out or town.

The Transitus of St. Francis celebrated on Oct 3rd was a beautiful and solemn day.  One, because it is the feast of the CFR’s founder and second because it’s the second anniversary of the passing of Fr. Benedict Groeschel.  The Friars and Sisters celebrate this night every year.  This year was Fr Stan Fortuna on guitar and percussion, Fr. Louis on Sax, and Sr Cecelia on Cello provided deeply moving music in the dimly candle lit church of St. Adelberts in the Bronx.

In between the music, Fr. Stan read beautiful passages about St. Francis and Fr. Benedict.  It was very moving.  The more I think about the life of Fr. Benedict the more grateful I am that God gave him to us.  Though we never had the privilege of knowing St. Francis, we had an icon of him living in our midst for many years; that being Fr. Benedict.  St. Francis pray for us.  Fr. Benedict Groeschel pray for us.