“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims His handiwork. “(Ps 19:2)

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Hi everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying your summer vacations.  I chose the above scripture because August is the best time of year to go out and observe the stars at night.  Find yourselves some time to do some stargazing.  If you can, go up in the mountains somewhere at night and enjoy contemplating the awesome God who created the universe.  You will be humbled by the realization of how little and insignificant you are and yet so deeply loved by our Father in heaven.


Charlie and I are now retired after 35 years!!  Hooray!!!!  We closed our florist business on June 30th.  We will continue to live at 583 S 7th St Lindenhurst, NY 11757.  We will joyfully and enthusiastically continue Friar Suppliers and our Haiti Mission work.  You can reach us only by cell phone or email or snail mail.  Please be sure to SAVE our contact information for your reference.

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In June, Friar Suppliers purchased a new refrigerator at the Sears Scratch and Dent store for the sisters at Our Lady of Guadalupe Convent in the Bronx. Their old one died on them right before they were expecting a visit of ten “come and sees” (young women who are discerning entering the CFR’s.) We took a leap of faith and came to their rescue and bought a no frills model for $ 493.60 with our Friar Suppliers Credit Card. We are asking you all to consider adding a little more to your check this month.  If 25 people send us $20.00 extra it will be paid for.  We do not store up your money each month.  We use it all for the Friars, Sisters or Haiti as  you indicate on your checks.  We totally rely on Divine Providence.  It’s an amazing miracle how God provides through the help of all our Friar Suppliers.  We thank you for your dedication and donations each month.  You are all a gift from God for this little ministry.

Mark your calendar: Annual Friar Supplier Picnic September 11th. Details coming next month

For information and registration for the annual “Walking Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Czestochowa” go to www.franciscanfriars.com.  This is great family fun for the young and athletic types among us.

Now I would like to continue our reflection on the fourth chapter of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortaion “The Joy of Love.”

Chapter four is titled “Love in Marriage.” You might be tempted to think that a bunch of bachelors isolated in the Vatican couldn’t possibly have anything enlightening to say on “Love in Marriage.”  This is not true.  Chapter four is the best and longest chapter in the whole letter.  I recommend that if you read nothing else, you read this chapter.  It’s beautiful!  The first 20 pages is taken straight from scripture.  Pope Francis teaches line by line from (1 Cor 13:4-7)

“Love is patient, love is kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude’  Love does not insist on it’s own way, it is not irritable or resentful;  it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.  Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

If we use this scripture to examine our consciences it would help us make very good confessions.  If we take the time to reflect on Our Holy Father’s words and put this scripture into everyday practice of virtue we will become holy.  And yet, Pope Francis realized that human love is imperfect.  About married love, he says:

“We have to realize that all of us are a complex mixture of light and shadows.  The other person is much more than the sum of the little things that annoy me.  Love does not have to be perfect for us to value it.  The other person loves me as best they can, with all their limits, but the fact that love is imperfect does not mean that it is untrue or unreal.  It is real, albeit limited and earthly.  If I expect too much, the other person will let me know, for he or she can neither play God nor serve all my needs.  Love coexists with imperfection.” (para 113, pg 86)

“In marriage,” our Holy father say, “The joy of love needs to be cultivated. Marital joy can be experienced even amid sorrow; it involves accepting that marriage is an inevitable mixture of enjoyment and struggles, tensions and repose, pain and relief, satisfactions and longings, annoyances and pleasures, but always on the path of friendship, which inspires married couples to care for one another; “they help and serve each other.” ( para 126, pg 95)

Ok, you might says “yeah, I know all this.  I’ve learned it through experience.”  And yet how well are we “loving” in our marriages? How strong are our marriages?  We can’t change or improve our spouses;  they have to do that.  But, we can improve ourselves.  Pope Francis put a lot of thought, prayer and research into writing this Exhortation.  Reading Chapter Four of “The Joy of Love”  will help you to reflect on yourself and challenge you to be a better spouse; a more holy spouse.

Does Pope Francis have anything to say to those living celibate lives as singles or religious?  Yes he does.  He speaks of the value of virginity as it lies in its symbolizing a love that has no need to possess the other; in this way it reflects the freedom of the Kingdom of Heaven.  (Para 161, pg 119)  He says, “Virginity and marriage are, and must be, different ways of loving.  For man cannot live without love.  His life is senseless, if love is not revealed to him.”  (para 161, pg 120)   We are all called to love, because we are created by God who is love.  Love is proof that God exists.